What’s is your Donation Policy?

Okaloosa Donuts Donation Policy


😊 We are SO excited to be new in this community! Due to our infancy and the overwhelming number of requests that we have been receiving for donations please see the following policies and procedures for any donut donations. 😊

Please fill out this form and your donation request must meet the following criteria:

  • Your Charity benefits & supports children
  • We provide donations in the form of product only – no cash, coupons or discounts
  • No resale of our product is permitted
  • Product must be used the same day it is provided
  • Donation is limited to 6 dozen donuts
  • Requests can only be submitted twice a year
  • Must be able to provide a 501c3 receipt for the donation

To apply for a donation, please fill out this application and submit it to us via email. All requests will be evaluated during our monthly board meeting (First Wednesday of every month).


Name (First, Last): ________________________________Date: _______

Phone Number: ______________________________________________

Email Address: _______________________________________________

Charity Name & Mission: _______________________________________

Requested Date Donation needed: ______________________________

Additional Notes: ______________________________________________


Thank you! 😊